Havanna’s history began in 1947 at a small bakery in the Argentinean resort town of Mar del Plata. Visitors to Mar del Plata beach would line up around the block to purchase the bakery’s signature Alfajores.  Customers were highly impressed by the taste of the company’s chocolate and dulce de leche products, as well as our artisanal production style.

For both tourists and residents, Havanna became synonymous with the Alfajor and a symbol of style and indulgence. Visitiing vacationers purchased Havanna products in their signature yellow “cigar box” and they became treasured gift for friends and family.   


Since 1947, our famous Alfajores have been prepared with the same recipe and with the same artisanal style that never fails to delight customers every time.  In 1995, a shop assistant thought it would be a good idea to innovate the Havanna store by adding some tables and chairs so that customers could have a better experience. We now operate over 200 stores with that same concept throughout Argentina.  Today the Havanna brand is considered to be a national treasure in Argentina and that familiar yellow cigar box is a cherished treat for Alfajor and Dulce de Leche lovers around the world! 





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 If you are a retailer wanting to carry Havanna in your location, please call: 

Ontario: Tropical Trading Canada Corporation; http://tropicaltrading.ca ; P. 416-232-0440

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For Havanna corporate inquiries, please call 416-710-6107 or email us at [email protected] 

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